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On the 45th anniversary of the landmark case for women’s reproductive rights, Roe v. Wade, I want to take a moment to highlight California’s leadership in protecting both women’s rights and access to abortion – and our related work that continues.

I am proud to stand among those who lead the fight to ensure no one gets in the way of a woman making her own health care decisions. That’s why I’ll soon be defending California’s Reproductive FACT Act in the US Supreme Court. 

The Reproductive FACT Act ensures that women in California receive accurate information about their healthcare options, including whether a facility is a licensed medical provider. Information is power, and all women should have access to the information they need when making personal healthcare decisions.

And that’s why I led a fight in court to protect access to contraceptives. When the Trump Administration passed new policy to curb access to birth control, our legal effort led to a preliminary injunction, meaning the Administration was ordered to reverse course! 

That’s also why I stand with Planned Parenthood and am proud to have earned its endorsement in my bid to remain your Attorney General.

I am fully committed to defending women’s reproductive rights and ensuring continued access to health care for the hundreds of thousands of Californians who depend on support from organizations like Planned Parenthood.

All women in California have a right to make their own personal health care decisions and I will use every legal tool possible to protect these rights.