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Earlier today, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made his first public statement since releasing his report to Attorney General Bill Barr last month.
After listening to him, it’s clear Mueller didn’t return charges against Trump because of a Department of Justice memo saying a sitting president can’t be indicted — not because his investigation determined crimes were not committed.
Mueller’s impartial investigation presented the American people with indictable evidence and information — and after his statement today, Congress must take action and begin the impeachment process.
Here is the bottom line: I’m running for president to bring integrity and decency back to the White House. If you can, please consider adding your first donation to our campaign. Together, we can restore trust and transparency in our government:

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It is now up to Congress to hold Donald Trump accountable for his actions and get to the truth. And I believe we will get to the truth.
Thanks for joining this fight.
For The People,
— Kamala Harris