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Friend —
I’ve promised since we started that we’d run the most efficient and most transparent campaign in the 2020 election, and so I’m writing you today to reveal our roadmap to the debates at the end of the month. Andrew’s message is taking off, and we have a lot of major press hits, events, and exciting developments ahead of our trip to Miami.

Andrew’s excited by all of these opportunities, and he’s grateful for your support. Help us make the most of them by donating $20 to the campaign today!

Here’s our schedule for the upcoming month (subject to change):
  • 6/4 – Buzzfeed Morning News interview, aired this morning at 10am
  • 6/7 – Filming The Rubin Report – we’ll let you know when it goes live
  • 6/7 – Real Time with Bill Maher, airs live on HBO at 10pm EST
  • 6/11 – Pod Save America – we’ll let you know when it’s posted
  • 6/11 – The Young Turks – we’ll post a link when it’s available
  • 6/16 – CloseUp on WMUR, one of the biggest political shows in New Hampshire
  • 6/17 – Event with the Poor People’s Campaign, a continuation of the work of Dr. Martin Luther King advocating for a guaranteed minimum income
  • 6/18 – Meet the Press Daily, airing live at 5pm
  • 6/21-22 – A swing through South Carolina to speak at Congressman Jim Clyburn’s Fish Fry and the State Democratic Convention
  • 6/26 or 27 – DNC Debates in Miami
And that’s just what’s booked right now! We’ve got a few other big-name shows happening this month, too. We’ll let you know when we’re allowed to talk about them 🙂
In between these events, Andrew’s spending most of his time preparing for the debates. He’s meeting with experts, working on his answers, and practicing with our team to master his delivery. We are going to sound so different up on that stage – I have full confidence that he is going to knock this thing out of the park. The DNC is releasing the schedule and line-up around the 15th – you’ll know which night Andrew is going to be on as soon as we can release that info.
Finally, some updates on the campaign. We’ve been hiring new team members and optimizing our operations. Our teams in New Hampshire and Iowa have expanded, and we’re going to announce hires in other early primary states soon. After the success of our Humanity First tour, the Advance/Volunteer team is bringing on more members to manage the rapidly growing Yang Gang and make our future events bigger and better. And the Finance Team is building out our national network of grassroots fundraisers.
On that note, our fundraising is showing growth – we’re on track to have a record-breaking week. However, we’re not quite there yet, and we still need to accelerate our fundraising growth to hit our target of $3.5m by the end of Q2. We’re at $1.5m, so we need $2m during the month of June.

Can you donate $20 today to help us hit our $3.5m target for Q2?

All signs point to our campaign taking off, and this is before Andrew hits the debate stage and introduces himself to millions of more Americans. 24 million people watched the first RNC debate for the 2016 cycle, and Democrats are even more animated for this election.
We are excited to introduce Andrew to the world. Chip in today and help us own our moment.
Zach Graumann
Campaign Manager, Yang2020




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