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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Alex Padilla

When faced with attacks on our right to vote, Americans have time and again taken action to defend our voting rights.


After the 2000 Presidential Election and the chaos in the state of Florida, it was clear to the world that the time had come for us to invest in newer voting systems and to modernize our elections.


Fifteen years ago, Congress came together on a bipartisan basis and passed the Help America Vote Act. Among other improvements, HAVA provided funding to states and counties across the country for new voting systems so what happened in Florida wouldn’t happen again.


But today, the integrity of our elections is once again being challenged. Instead of working constructively on a bipartisan basis, we find ourselves defending against partisan voter suppression measures and lies about voter fraud.


We should be advancing opportunities for eligible Americans to register to vote and participate in elections. We also need to address the challenges posed by aging voting systems across the country.


Donate $3 to help me fight to protect your right to vote.


Defending voting rights includes defending the integrity of our elections and our voting systems. And I’m working hard to do it.


Free and fair elections are how we, as citizens, shape the future of our country.


Contribute $3 to fuel my campaign and the work. We’re doing to modernize voting equipment and protect the right to vote for all.


I will continue to work tirelessly to protect our voting rights and increase access to the ballot — indeed, it is the foundation of our democracy.


Please join me,


Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State