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Alex Padilla

Fellow Democrats,

Remember last year when Trump’s “voter fraud” commission tried to demand the personal information of all California voters? Trump’s motivation was clear- he wants to disenfranchise the people of color, young folks and working families who oppose his racist, reactionary agenda. In the face of this obvious sham, Secretary of State Alex Padilla called “BS”, and refused to play along with Trump’s erosion of democracy. Last month, Alex won, and the commission was shut down.

That’s who Alex Padilla is – a steadfast fighter for what’s right.

As a Legislator, Alex stood for justice in the workplace and the preservation of our environment.  He took on the health care industry with SB 1299, a bill to demand better workplace protections for California nurses. He had the vision to author SB 270, the bill that made California the first state in the nation to phase out single use plastic bags.

As Secretary of State, Alex Padilla is a key part of California’s Resistance.  Alex has led the charge to adopt and implement automatic voter registration and pre-registration for 16- and 17-year olds. And now with the Voters Choice Act, he’s giving Californians more convenient options for when, where, and how we cast our ballots, both key elements of our party’s progressive platform.

Please join me at Convention in supporting Alex Padilla for Secretary of State 2018 and keep building the Resistance with Results.

Whether it’s protecting our environment, voting rights, reproductive rights, healthcare for all, labor protections for working people, or educational opportunity, Alex Padilla has been there.

Now let’s be there for Alex. Click here to let me know that you’re joining me in endorsing Alex Padilla for Secretary of State.

Thank you,

Daraka Larimore-Hall

Vice-Chair California Democratic Party