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Dear Supporter,

President Obama and Senator Warren recently discussed Wall Street, the Great Recession and Consumer Protection.

Republicans made it clear, they plan to repeal the law passed in 2010, called the Dodd-Frank act, that safeguards against another great recession or even depression. It also created the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, championed by Elizabeth Warren.

Tom McClintock voted against creating this consumer agency, and no doubt will join his fellow Trump republicans who vowed to eliminate it.

If Dodd-Frank is repealed and the Consumer Finance Protection Agency eliminated, big banks, finance companies, and hedge funds could cheat you out of money, leaving you out in the cold.  Your only recourse then would be to spend thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer and spending years fighting in the legal system.

Thanks to Elizabeth Warren, if you are cheated now, all you need to do is to log onto the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, file your complaint, and chances are your problems will be addressed:

I support consumer protection, and will fight to keep and strengthen the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

I ask for your vote on November 8.

Please Donate to my Campaign and help me win.

Thank you.  Bob

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