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Dear Fellow Democrats: 

We’re in the final days of the election, and I know that we’re heading into November 6th with a lot of passion. We’re fighting for our rights, for equality, and for opportunity all across California. That’s why it’s critical that you remember to vote Yes on Propositions 1 and 2 – two initiatives that will help secure better futures for struggling Californians. 

Prop 1 and Prop 2 will collectively invest $6 billion into affordable housing throughout California. Prop 1 will add housing assistance for a number of at-risk groups, including veterans, seniors, working families, disabled individuals, farmworkers, and domestic violence survivors. Prop 2 will specifically help homeless people – or people at risk of being homeless – who are suffering from a serious mental illness get off the streets by building housing connected to mental health services. 

Californians all across the state are fed up with housing costs – an issue so severe that one in three people here can’t afford their rent. We’re tired of seeing the most vulnerable among us, especially veterans and those living with mental illness, get forced on to the streets to suffer and struggle.

Prop 1 and Prop 2 give us the power to fight back against this crisis and ensure a better future for us all. It’s time to vote yes on these initiatives! 

Democratically Yours,


Eric C. Bauman, Chair
California Democratic Party