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Dear Democrat,

The California Democratic Party Platform is drafted every two years. The CDP Platform Committee is hard at work drafting the 2020 Platform. The deadline to submit testimony for the 2020 Platform is Satu‌rday, Septe‌mber 7 at 5‌:00 PM PST.

Please join our effort to promote a progressive Platform that recognizes the rights of all Californians to good health, a clean environment, and economic security.

You can participate in one of two ways:

Submit Written Platform Testimonies and Proposals Online

Please visit the CDP Platform Committee webpage at to submit written testimonies and language proposals for the Platform online. The deadline to submit written testimonies is Satu‌rday, Septem‌ber 7, 201‌9, at 5‌ PM.

Attend the Final Platform Hearing

The third and final CDP Platform Committee Southern Statewide Hearing will be held on Satu‌rday, Septe‌mber 7, in Los An‌geles. The information is as follows:

Sat‌urday, Septe‌mber 7, 201‌9
10‌ AM – 12‌ PM
United Teachers Los Angeles
33‌03 Wilsh‌ire ‌Blvd.
Los An‌geles, C‌A 90010 (Auditorium)

The Platform Committee uses the previous Platform as a base in drafting the 2020 Platform. Please click here to view the 2018 Platform as you consider submitting testimonies or language proposals for the 2020 Platform.

For more information, please visit the CDP Platform Committee webpage at

Thank you,

The CDP Team

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