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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


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December 26, 2019
Media Contact: Clara Varner


“No Town Left Behind”

Esmeralda Soria visited Merced, Atwater, Planada, Gustine, Madera, Dos Palos, Los Baños, Chowchilla, Fresno, and Livingston in an effort to hear directly from residents on important issues such as affordable housing, education, health care, prescription drug costs, jobs, and clean air and water.

FRESNO, CA – Esmeralda Soria spent the past three months visiting every single town in the 16th Congressional District including Merced, Atwater, Planada, Gustine, Madera, Dos Palos, Los Baños, Chowchilla, Fresno and Livingston, where she heard directly from residents on several key issues.
While meeting with two of Planada’s Community Service District Board members, the issues of jobs, water, immigration reform, increasing costs of housing, and infrastructure were among the topics of discussions. In Planada, she met with Planada’s Community Service District Board to talk about the increasing cost of housing and how families have felt ignored and disengaged in this area of the district.
Gustine residents and small business owners welcomed her with open arms and talked about their concerns with air pollution, lack of jobs, gun violence, and how they feel overlooked by the establishment. Madera voters also spoke about issues with clean drinking water and affordable housing. They are excited to hear that Esmeralda Soria will represent the people and not corporations.
In Dos Palos, she met with the daughter of Cambodian immigrants and recent San Francisco State graduate who came back to the valley after her father, a small business owner for 16 years faced serious health challenges. Her story is that of many young people in this district who are juggling college debt while trying to help their aging parents.
In Los Baños, she met with local community members and toured the Merced College Los Baños CTE Welding program to learn about existing career opportunities for local students and explore the needs that exist to expand those opportunities for the rest of the District.
In Chowchilla, she met with residents who also shared the sentiments of the rest of the district in their desire to address the housing, education, and healthcare issues. Fresno residents expressed similar concerns while also stressing the issue of affordable housing and affordable education. The last stop was Atwater, where residents have also been affected by California’s Affordable Housing Crisis and where students are struggling to pay for higher education. She met with doctors, nurses and frontline healthcare workers to discuss critical healthcare needs in the Valley.
“Too often, politicians go to Washington, listen to the special interests, and forget the people here in the Valley. I promise to listen to every voice in every town to ensure that the people of 16th Congressional District have the representation that they deserve,” Soria says. 
Soria believes that in order to truly represent the people of the 16th Congressional District, she needs to talk to everyone, everywhere, leaving no town behind. 

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Esmeralda Soria is currently running for Congress in Congressional District 16, which covers Fresno, Madera and Merced County. She is on the Fresno City Council where she represents District 1. Esmeralda is fighting for health care for all, college affordability and campaign finance reform.








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