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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

I like being able to look at a road, a bridge, or a school and know I helped pay for it with my taxes.

But when our taxes are wasted on another billionaire’s handout instead of addressing real problems, like housing shortages or skyrocketing tuition costs, I get as frustrated as anyone.

The Republican tax plan is an irresponsible giveaway to corporations, millionaires, and billionaires that will hurt California families. If you agree, add your name now.

As our state treasurer, I knew just how devastating the recent federal tax bill could be for California. And when I was state controller, I would travel the state preparing tax filings for low-income Californians so that they could maximize their tax returns, so I saw firsthand what’s at stake.

In a state where average home prices in seven counties exceed the new mortgage deductibility limit, California homeowners are going to pay more. And while working families pay more, our wealthy corporations got massive tax breaks that could threaten funding for critical programs that average Americans depend on.

In my first term as governor, I pledge to lead a major overhaul of California’s tax system. My plan will be competitive enough to encourage people to create and keep jobs here in California, ensure everyone pays their fair share, and make our revenues more stable and dependable so we can fund essential priorities like health care and education.

But the only way we can protect California families from the worst parts of the Trump tax plan is if we start building momentum now.

Join me in rejecting the Trump tax plan that will make working families pay for tax giveaways to billionaires. Sign the petition now.

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