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Brynne Kennedy for Congress

Our country has shown incredible resilience and tenacity in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic over the past several months. This virus and its impact are problems we have to get through together.

But far too often, we’ve been left to our own devices, without the leadership of state and federally-elected officials. We’ve seen too many “one size fits all” tweets and statements from politicians and not enough listening to the frontline professionals on the ground in our communities.

And nowhere is that more apparent than in the convoluted plans to reopen schools this fall.

For months, teachers, students, and families have waited anxiously to hear how schools will safely reopen, seeking guidance on how children can return to learning in a safe environment, and the resources they need to execute locally developed plans.

“Job one for our politicians should be to get to work helping our schools get ready — and fast. That means less talking and tweeting — and more listening and supporting the parents and professionals on the front lines,” writes Brynne in her latest piece on Medium.

As Brynne notes, the failure of our leaders to model safe behavior and provide the resources for facilities, testing, PPE, broadband access, and more that local school leaders need has left us not with a choice of open or closed — but between bad and worse. This disproportionately hurts the most vulnerable students in our community, and it’s why we must act and innovate with urgency, so we aren’t leaving our kids behind.

We need real leaders now more than ever. Leaders who will put hard-working families, educators, and our local communities first. Brynne Kennedy will be that type of leader — read and share her latest Medium piece, “School Reopening — Are We Ready?”


In Brynne, we know we will have a leader who will not leave us waiting for months for answers. She will get to work right away for us all.

— Team Brynne Kennedy

Brynne Kennedy is running for Congress in California’s Fourth District because she believes Americans can do more together. An accomplished businesswoman, Brynne has created new solutions to help employers and workers thrive in today’s economy. As our voice in Washington, she will fight to take our government back from the corrupt special interests and will put partisanship aside to put our communities first.





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