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Donald Trump’s budget is a direct assault on working Americans. Add your name to tell Congress to reject it:

On June 16th, 2015, in front of a crowd of supporters, Donald Trump proclaimed: “Save Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security without cuts. Have to do it.”

But today, nearly two years later, the truth rears its ugly head. Under Donald Trump’s proposed budget, $800 billion will be stripped from Medicaid, which could cut off benefits for about 10 million Americans.

Donald Trump’s budget breaks his promise to the people who voted for him and betrays working people, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and young people.

Tens of millions of Americans who rely on Medicaid and other programs slated for the chopping block will suffer under the Trump plan, and all so Donald can cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires — and himself.

Budgets are moral documents, but Donald’s proposal is simply immoral. We all need to stand together against it before Republicans in Congress try to write it into law. Add your voice right now:



Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee