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Holding Donald Trump, his administration, and the rest of the GOP accountable is one of the most important parts of our work.

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Hey there —

We announced something big this week: an unprecedented, multi-million dollar investment in state parties:

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Investing in state Democratic parties is how we’ll win elections and send more Democrats to state legislatures, governor’s mansions, and Congress — and that is critically important at a time when so much is at stake.

Here’s just one example: Senate Republicans are still trying to cut last-minute deals to shore up GOP support for their disastrous health care repeal. But at the end of the day, their bill still takes health care from the poor to give tax cuts to the rich:

The health care repeal bill is still bad -- load image


That’s why Democrats from all over the country are fighting back, sharing their stories, and speaking out about what affordable health care means to them:

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We have to keep fighting tooth and nail until we kill this bill once and for all. So, as always, keep tweeting, sharing, and taking action in your own community — every little bit counts.

Talk soon!

DNC Factivists