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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Asif Mahmood

Last week I watched as Washington Republicans, including several California representatives, voted to approve an attack on middle-class families dressed up as a tax plan.

This tax plan is a disgrace, and nothing more than a giveaway to the ultra-wealthy. If this becomes law, millions of Californian families will bear the burden of this handout to the Republicans’ wealthy donors.

I believe in fighting for our middle-class and working families. If you’re with me, add your name today to say you oppose this tax sham.

My parents taught me that there was no higher calling than helping others. It’s why I became a doctor, and why I’m running for lieutenant governor — because I believe our elected officials should do everything they can to help our communities and lift them up.

This tax plan does just the opposite. Reports are coming out that this plan could hurt home prices in California and create serious credit risks for local governments.

We need to lift up all Californians, not cut down millions to ensure the top 1% get a tax break. We need to make it clear that Californians are united against the sham they’re trying to push forward in Washington.

Add your name to mine now: call out Washington Republicans trying to ram through a sham of a tax bill.

Peace be with you,

Dr. Asif Mahmood
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California