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Say you’re in to elect Ralph Northam in Virginia and Democrats around the country.



Make no mistake, — Donald Trump is on the ballot in Virginia this year.

On Tuesday, Ed Gillespie won the Republican primary for governor. If he wins in November, Donald Trump will gain an ally in another governor’s mansion — and hardworking Virginians will pay the price.

 can you help make sure we’re able to beat Trump supporters like Ed Gillespie?

Ed Gillespie’s agenda and Donald Trump’s are one and the same. Gillespie supports Trump and the GOP’s disastrous health care repeal and draconian restrictions on women’s health care. He stood with Trump on his Muslim ban and his decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord. And both Gillespie and Trump want to give massive tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires — leaving working families to pick up the tab.

Ed Gillespie spent last year campaigning across Virginia for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Now, he’s ready to have them come back and support him. And if they win, Gillespie will bring Donald Trump’s agenda to Richmond.

We have to go all-in to elect Ralph Northam in November and beat Ed Gillespie and all the Trump-backing Republicans who are running this year. If you’re ready, add your name right now:




Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee