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Fellow Democrats,
There is a lot of misinformation in social media as well as local newspapers. 

A collaborative team, based in Placer and El Dorado County, wanted our voices to be heard loud and clear, so we are forming the Writers Alliance.  We believe that a supportive group of writers can make a difference.Let me introduce what is on our agenda:

Putting It Write

We all have a lot to say. Let’s use our collective writing, researching, editing, and social media talents to share our ideas and viewpoints with our neighbors and our communities. Join us for these two practical and informative seminars and become a member of our Writers Alliance.

Thursday, May 6     Putting It Write: Writing Effective Letters to the Editor

6:30-8:00 PM  While there’s no magical formula, published letters share common characteristics. Become familiar with the guidelines to structure an effective letter.

Thursday, May 20 Putting Our Talents to Work: Building a Writers Alliance

6:30-8:00 PM  A Writers Alliance is a collective of talents—writers, researchers, editors, and publicists. In what role or roles do you see yourself?

I am attaching the announcement for the upcoming Writers Alliance webinars.I hope you will share it widely.It comes in different files, so choose what works for you.The PDF file has an interactive link to register for the workshop.
If you have any questions, be sure to ask me.
Best wishes,
Mary Elliott-KlemmWriters Alliance
other members of our team:  Jill Blue Keith, EDC Dems Barbara Smith,Placer Dems Kathleen Barco, EDC Dems and EDP