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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


If the 2020 presidential primary has taught us anything, it’s what an embarrassment of riches we have in Democratic candidates.

Quite frankly, our Party has been waiting for this moment for a long time… an opportunity to show America that we are truly the Party of diversity – in ideas, in approaches and personal backgrounds.

But with all that is on the line in 2020, many Democrats are nervously wringing their hands, worried that a “brutal” primary will weaken the eventual nominee.

And to them, let me say this… we get it; the stakes are unbelievably high and the consequences for another term under Trump are horrific.

But we must – as a Party and as a country – stop reacting from a place of fear. It’s time we discontinue using terms like circular firing squads (a passé and now inappropriate metaphor in this era mass shooting) and start to trust the American voter again.

As Democrats, honestly, we’re pretty bad at the doom and gloom campaigning; we’re much better at tapping into voters’ dreams than leveraging their nightmares.

And yet, we need to bring that same thinking back home to our own presidential primary. We need to stop worrying — and start believing.

Why? Because… competition makes us better, it makes us stronger. It shows that we can take a hit (politically) and keep going; that we are not insecure and thin skinned like our current President.

If someone wants (arguably) the toughest job in the world, then they must be prepared to go through the world’s toughest interview.

Whether we like it or not, what’s fair game and what’s not will never be decided by Party leaders or TV pundits, because the American people will never relinquish that right.

And though we might be “fighting” over whether ideas are too this or too that, it’s an incredible gift that we’re having the conversation in front of the country.

Democrats are offering up ideas. Democrats are engaging in discourse. Democrats are campaigning to make this country better – while the Republicans are stuck defending an incompetent and amoral leader.

In the end, it’s the voters who are going to decide which candidates’ ideas are inadequate or too excessive, inspirational or impractical. There are many things that are disqualifiers for some voters that are certainly not for others.

We’ve had a lot of reasons to live in fear, but Democrats – our time has come so let’s start acting like it.

Trying to tell our Party where to run (whether to the right, left or middle) fundamentally misses the opportunity to have a debate, a debate that makes us stronger.

So, psssst…. stop worrying; we’re gonna be better than alright.

We got this.

Democratically yours,

Kimberly Ellis


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