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It is a honor and a privilege to help create laws that make California a better place to work, learn, and live.

Many organizations exist to hold policymakers accountable to the people of California. I want to thank these organizations and all of the organizations that recognized my voting record in 2017:

  • Courage Campaign – 100% Score
  • Equality California – 100% Score
  • Planned Parenthood – 100% Score
  • California Labor Federation – 100% Score
  • California League of Conservation Voters – 100% Score
  • Sierra Club – 100% Score

If there’s one legislative scorecard I earned in 2017 that’s particularly special to me, it’s my 100% score from Common Sense Kids Action, acknowledging my votes on issues affecting California’s children.

From chairing the Assembly STEM Education Committee to my legislation which actually moved millions from prisons to schools, I’m always looking to do more to make sure all of California’s kids are getting a great education and the services they need to overcome challenges in their lives.

I’m excited to tell you about what more I am doing this year for kids as I roll out my bill package in the coming weeks. Already I’m introducing a bill to provide training for educators to better support LGBTQ students and another bill that I wrote with students transitioning out of juvenile detention centers.

I hope that with your support I can keep fighting to make California’s public schools #1 in the nation as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Can I count on your endorsement?

I’m grateful for your consideration. Stay tuned as I introduce all of the education bills I’ll be working to pass this year.

Thank you,

Tony Thurmond