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There’s a lot on the line right now for the roughly 200,000 Dreamers across California who depend on the DACA program to continue living and working here.

So as leaders beyond our state drag their feet on immigration reform, we’re fighting to protect Dreamers – our students, teachers, and colleagues – by defending DACA in court.

If you know any Dreamer who lost status and wants to know where our legal battle stands, here’s what you can tell them:

The Trump Administration has run from court to court these past few weeks trying to get the injunction that we secured to halt DACA’s termination overturned.

As you may recall, we fought hard for months to argue that the harm done to our Dreamers by the rescission of DACA was irreparable — and a judge agreed with us, ordering the injunction which reinstated the program.

Today we wrote to the Supreme Court about why we oppose the Administration’s request to overturn the injunction, just as we did for the 9th Circuit Court, where the Administration first took its opposition to the injunction.

So while we have a big fight ahead as we await further decisions from court, here’s what we know for sure: as long as the injunction is in place, any Dreamer who lost DACA status can reapply right now.

Will you help me spread the word?

I’m so proud of the work we’re doing to protect Dreamers and I invite you to read more about our work to keep DACA in place here.

Thank You,