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When I think of “election integrity”, I think not only of security, but also of the importance of making sure that all eligible Americans are free to register and vote without unnecessary obstacles. I think of how we must make it easier — not harder — for citizens to participate in our democracy.

The Trump administration, on the other hand, prefers to attack our voting rights. He’s turned his lies about massive voter fraud into a commission with members who have a long history of voter suppression. It couldn’t be more clear — this administration’s goal is to undermine our right to vote.

Trump’s agenda is a threat to our democracy, especially our voting rights and we must fight back. Yes, we must defend our right to vote, but we must also go on offense and make it easier for citizens to register, and to vote.

Tomorrow, Trump’s voter suppression commission will meet for the first time. Tomorrow, we need to make our voices heard. Add your name now to our petition and send a message to Trump that you will fight to protect our voting rights. 
(Once you add your name, share the petition with your friends and family!)

Let’s take action now to let Trump, Pence, Kobach, and this commission know that we are watching and will not let them suppress the vote.

Add your name now to let Trump know that you will not let him and his commission threaten our right to vote >>

Thank you,
Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State