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November 11, 2019
Contact: Tom Dallas –

—For Immediate Release—

Bobby Bliatout for Congress Releases New “Three Bullies” Digital Ad

New Bliatout campaign ad takes aim at GOP’s trio of bullies: Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Devin Nunes

Fresno, CA- Bobby Bliatout for Congress launched a new digital advertising video titled “Three Bullies”. The video highlights the tactics of intimidation and coercion that President Trump and Congressman Nunes engage in to distract from their corrupt activities and general incompetence as elected leaders.

The video can be viewed at the link below and runs about one minute:

Commenting on the ad, Bliatout stated:

“Our President likes to act like a school yard bully – browbeating reporters who ask tough questions, maligning members of his own cabinet who question the constitutionality of his decisions and then firing them, and even trying to expose the whistleblower by using surrogates including his own son. Unfortunately, Devin Nunes has embraced Trump’s distasteful tactics. These tactics are a threat to our democracy, so I put this ad together to make that point.”
Devin Nunes’ bullying, disdainful, and undemocratic behavior includes:

  • Suing a local political activist for criticizing him on Twitter via @DevinCow 
  • Claiming on numerous occasions that Russia did NOT interfere in the 2016 elections
  • Making the illegal demand that the ‘Whistleblower’ be cross examined publicly
  • Improperly disclosing classified information as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee
  • Spreading ludicrous conspiracy theories such as claiming it was the Ukrainians and not the Russians behind 2016 election meddling

“We could go on and on with specifics about Nunes’ behavior. But the Central Valley doesn’t need a sycophant willing to do anything to get the attention of the President–including acting unseemly and committing arguably unconstitutional acts. The Valley needs a leader who is willing to tackle our toughest challenges like health care, preserving farmland, and clean air and water. That’s why we’re all working hard to get Bobby elected,” concluded campaign spokesperson Tom Dallas.










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