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It smells like Watergate.
Between the White House’s efforts to spin the Mueller Report and this morning’s complicit actions from Attorney General William Barr, Trump is doing everything possible to sweep Mueller’s findings under the rug. 
But the President can’t hide in the courtroom.
Just hours after Barr released the report, a federal court gave California another victory against Trump –– upholding our immigrant protection and public safety laws. This is a big win for our communities, public safety, and states’ rights.
While the administration tries to distract us with questionable shenanigans, the fact is the President is losing to California in court –– at least 32 times, as of today.
We’ve sued this administration more than any other state –– in order to defend the rule of law and safeguard our values. And our fight is far from over.
So, while the White House tries to distract the American people, remember that California is holding this President accountable. And we’re winning.
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