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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

April 2 marks Equal Pay Day — the number of days that an average woman must work into the next year to earn the same as her average male counterpart.

The impacts from wage inequity aren’t abstract… they affect child hunger, crime rates and countless other factors we know that are directly related to the economic independence of women.

And yet, compared to white men, here’s how many days into the year it takes to make up the pay gap for these groups of women:

Asian Women: March 5 – $0.85
White Women: April 19 – $0.77
Black Women: August 22 – $0.61
Native Women: September 23 – $0.58
Latina Women: November 20 -$0.53

As we look at this world with an intersectional lens, we must never forget that pay discrimination doesn’t end with cis women, as our gender non-binary workers generally suffer unequal treatment in their paycheck as well.

If we’re going to start to address the economic disparity in pay, then it’s time to stop making excuses and start demonstrating our commitment to economic equity in the paychecks of our employees.

At Team KE, we are proud to have built a campaign operation with equity at its heart. Ensuring all of our employees receive the same benefits and pay didn’t happen by accident. Equity can only come by design.

As the next Chair of the California Democratic Party, you have my word that when it comes to closing the pay gap, our Party won’t just talk about it, we’ll be about it.

Democratically yours,


PS: Want to know the pay gap in your community, click here.
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