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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


“…the five-term Democrat has seen sliding favorability ratings as liberals in the Golden State hammer her for not being tough enough standing up to President Donald Trump.” — Roll Call, 12/21/17

Accordingly a new poll released today, Dianne Feinstein’s approval is slipping, with just 41% of likely voters in California supporting her re-election campaign. This is big news.

California voters want an end to incrementalism and capitulation when it comes to our progressive values. The only way we can defend and expand the California Dream for everyone is by standing up and fighting back against attempts to harm it.

Frankly, Michael, Sen. Feinstein just isn’t getting that job done.

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It’s time California had two Senators who championed progressive values and stood up to President Trump. The stakes are too high for our state and our country — we simply can’t wait any longer.

This new poll shows that California has simply had enough.

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