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November 6 can be the start of something beautiful

Election Day is around the corner and we want to do whatever we can now to educate and empower Valley voters. We have a clear option ahead of us in November: DC Devin, who is paid for by special interests or Andrew Janz, a true champion for families in the Central Valley. 

We’re fighting for Andrew Janz so he can fight for us in Washington.

DC Devin has been bought by DC special interests and Donald Trump instead of helping Valley families get ahead and stay ahead. Instead of doing his job of helping Valley families, he’s voted dozens of times to repeal healthcare for families in the Valley who need it most. Instead of helping workers get ahead, he’s helping his millionaire friends get a nice hefty tax cut. His priorities are not  our priorities. We deserve better.

The good news is we can change it!  We can vote to replace him with someone who’ll work for us.

But we must show up to vote—it’s as simple as that!

Pledge to vote on or before November 6th in favor of Andrew Janz and against DC Devin Nunes.

When everyone comes together, we can accomplish big things. We can beat the billionaire and special interest money trying to reelect DC Devin. We can fix a rigged economy that has only worked for people in the top 1% while leaving Valley families behind. We can make sure everyone in the Valley has access to higher education and to quality health care regardless of their income.

But to win, we all need to vote. Click here to pledge to vote on November 6 right now.


Amanda Renteria 



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Paid for by Valley Works, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Valley Works is a grassroots organization powered by everyday people to fight for working people in the Central Valley. At Valley Works, we won’t stop organizing until we have elected officials who’ll fight for good-paying jobs, quality healthcare, and great schools for our children. This year, that effort begins with empowering voters by ending the bullying tactics of Congressman Devin Nunes (CD 22).

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