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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


I’m writing to ask you a simple — but very important — question:

Bernie would like to hear directly from you about the issues you care most about in this campaign.

Can you take two minutes to complete our brief issues survey?


Back when Bernie ran for president in 2016, the corporate media liked to tell us that our ideas were too pie-in-the-sky.

They tried to say that Medicare for All, College for All, and a Green New Deal were too radical – that there was no way those policies would ever be supported by the American people.

Well, Michael, they were wrong. Now those same issues are at the center of the debate in this primary and are supported by many other candidates for president.

That’s not just because of Bernie. That’s because of us.

Our movement has transformed American politics. You’re an important part of that movement, which is why we’d like to hear from you today.

Please take two minutes to complete our latest survey to say which issues you care most about in our campaign for president.

This campaign is not just about beating Trump or changing the debate on the critical issues impacting millions of Americans.

This campaign is about transforming our country once we are in the White House. And the way we will do that is by building a grassroots movement the likes of which has never been seen before in America.

In order to build the most powerful movement possible, we need to know what issues motivate you in this race. Because at the end of the day, it is the issues that will help determine the success of our campaign.

Can you share which issues you care about most? Take our survey today and we’ll send the results to Bernie.

Your feedback is important. Thanks for taking a moment to share it with us today.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie

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We hope you’ll stay, because emails are such an important part of how we organize and how we raise money. In fact, there is no single greater source for our campaign’s fundraising than emails like this one. And that’s important, because no one person, not even Bernie Sanders, can take on Trump and the billionaire class alone.

Before you go about the rest of your day, help power our fight against the billionaire class by making a contribution today.