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I lay out the facts of this race and why it is critical I raise $10,600.

If you’re short on time, I understand — but please chip in $9 at this pivotal moment >>

FACT: In 2018, I pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the country.

DEMOCRAT TJ COX: 50.4% (57,239 votes)

I won by just 862 votes.

Now Valadao is challenging me to a re-match.

I defeated him once and I can do it again, there is no doubt about that.

But winning hinges on having the resources to conduct research, run ads and hire incredible staff. Will you chip in $10 so I can raise $10,600 to fund my efforts by midnight?

FACT: I’m Republicans’ #1 target and all eyes are on this race.

I’ll tell it to you straight: If we don’t raise enough money, the GOP will buy back this seat.

We cannot afford another Republican in Congress ignoring the needs of Americans in favor of their wealthy donors.

I wouldn’t be asking if this wasn’t important, Michael: Can you chip in before midnight?

FACT: The GOP is desperate to beat me, and they’re spending millions to do so:

  • The NRCC has spent nearly $3 million on ad buys in my district
  • A dark money Republican Super PAC has spent $1.6 million on ads in my district
  • And the GOP elite are POURING money directly into Valadao’s campaign

I’m so proud that my campaign is funded by union workers, educators, and other hard working Americans like you.

But to take on the GOP money machine, I need to raise $10,600 by TONIGHT. So I’m asking, Michael, will you chip in $10 to keep this seat blue?

Thanks for being on my team,

TJ Cox

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