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*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

We often send you emails asking for $3.

You might wonder: how does such a small contribution help me win this campaign?

Each dollar sends a message, and each dollar is spent on supplies for communicating with voters, and travel expenses so that I can hear from and share ideas with as many California voters as possible.

Your $3 turns into campaign literature, phone banking supplies, or the one true fuel of grassroots campaigns: pizza.

So, yes, truly, your $3 contribution is critical to my chances of winning this campaign. That’s why I’m asking again: please chip in $3.

There are only 21 days left until our primary on June 5.

If everyone reading this email chipped in $3 dollars, we’d have enough money to reach every California voter with our progressive message.

So we’re setting an ambitious goal: 2,000 contributions before June 5.

I know we can hit this goal together — please chip in $3 right now, or encourage your friends to give.

Unlike my opponents, this is a grassroots campaign, and small dollar contributions are what keep us going.


Thank you for everything,



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