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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


I had a wonderful time in South Carolina these past two days visiting Charleston and Columbia, and I wanted to share some photos from the road with you.

Our first stop was Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston to pay our respects to the nine victims of the 2015 shooting and leave some flowers in their memory. 

Then, we headed to Rodney Scott’s BBQ where we ate our fill. The food was amazing, and the people who prepared it were so passionate about both barbecue and the community they serve.

I met a woman named Janet there who told me she’s already contributed to our campaign — thank you, Janet! (As you already know, we’re not taking a dime from corporate PACs or lobbyists — this campaign is powered by the people, just like you. If you want to join Janet with a grassroots contribution, just click here.)

We closed out our day in Charleston with a town hall where we discussed the tough issues facing our country today: health care, how to get more good jobs, mass incarceration, and more. It was a full house! Great to meet so many folks from South Carolina for the very first time and hear what’s on their minds. 

We started our Saturday in Columbia visiting local women-owned businesses — these women are incredible entrepreneurs and community leaders. I couldn’t leave without buying this rainbow jacket!

At one of the boutiques, I met a young South Carolinian who founded her own anti-bully organization called WEFE — With Everyone For Everyone. I took the WEFE pledge: kindness, respect, and lifting up others. We all could learn something from the WEFE Warriors these days.

Then, we headed to our Columbia town hall, where we talked about lifting up the middle class and ensuring all families have the same opportunities to get ahead; why I support the Green New Deal; and more.

Thank you for everything, South Carolina. See you again soon.

— Kamala

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