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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


When Julián launched his campaign, he promised to do things differently — to forego PAC money, to pay campaign interns a living wage, and visit every state in the country in a bid to hear from all Americans.

He just wrapped up his first official trip to Iowa as a presidential candidate, where he visited more than ten towns, including some often overlooked by presidential hopefuls. He talked with voters and caucus-goers about his vision for our country– putting the needs of families first by improving our health care and education systems, investing in housing and transportation, and strengthening the safety of our communities through common sense gun control.

At Grand View University in Des Moines, Julián hosted a town hall with students, teachers, and residents to hear from voters about the issues that matter most to them. He also joined a roundtable of future leaders on the campus of Drake University.

In Paullina, Iowa, he met with famers over homemade apple pie and heard their concerns about how Trump’s erratic trade practices have hurt Iowan farmers. He even hopped in a commercial farming combine to get a farmer’s view of things.

Despite his focus on visiting small, rural towns, he drew large crowds across the state. In Orange City, one of the more conservative parts of Iowa, he drew almost 60 people. In Boone, dozens showed up to hear him speak despite a blizzard warning, and then won over some very young future voters in Storm Lake, Iowa.

At his last event in Iowa, the Story County Democrats Annual Soup Supper, he joined other presidential hopefuls in speaking to hundreds of local democrats and quickly made a name for himself, “edging out the competition” according to media who attended.

After going to Twitter for some BBQ recommendations, we wrapped the trip with some delicious beef brisket and creamed corn at Big Al’s in Des Moines, where the manager, like many others, confused him for his twin brother Joaquin.

Long trips like this can be exhausting, but Julián left Iowa fired up after talking with so many passionate Iowans. His vision for our country isn’t about making America anything “again”, but instead seizing on the potential to make America the best it’s ever been. And Iowans from across the state showed they could get behind that.

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