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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



President Trump is not just a politician, he is a phenomenon. To defeat him, we have to create our own phenomenon: an uprising of consciousness and spirit that emerges from a new, more honest, more real conversation; one that genuinely moves people and calls us to something higher; one that tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Among other things, that means claiming a new American vision: creating a moral and just economy, infusing hope and opportunity into the life of the average American. Rescuing millions of traumatized children. Creating a healthier society and a place where the sick are well cared for. Reparations for slavery and justice for Native Americans. Waging peace and transitioning from a war economy to a peace economy. Reversing climate change and transitioning from a dirty economy to a clean economy. Restoring America’s moral leadership around the world.

We need a politics empowered by imagination now. It’s time to claim what it is that we really want.

Americans are weary from living boxed within an increasingly unjust, merciless, and dysfunctional status quo. We should have an American dream that emerges from the dreaming of our own time. We can articulate and manifest a new possibility. That’s what makes politics a creative endeavor. It’s time to end an aberrational chapter in American history and usher in a completely new one. That’s what progress is. That’s what meaning is. We need a new beginning. A New America.

Thank you for joining me on a visionary quest. Our campaign is doing something more than political. We are doing something phenomenal.

All my best to you,


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