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Hi there,
I’ve helped manage Pete’s political operation since his first mayoral campaign. I’m still here, almost ten years later, for two reasons: 
First, and most importantly, I believe in Pete and feel strongly that our country needs his leadership and compassion.
Second, Pete leads with a set of values that creates a very joyful and disciplined community for the campaign staff, volunteers, and supporters. 
Pete always drafts up some guiding principles to which he holds himself and his staff. He did the same this year. 
Pete identified ten values that he wants to shape our work this campaign: respect, belonging, truth, teamwork, boldness, responsibility, substance, discipline, excellence, and joy. My favorite is truth: 
“Honesty is in our nature, and it is one of our greatest means of restoring faith in our democracy among everyday Americans and building a national movement rooted in trust and faith in our country and our beliefs. Internally and externally, our effort will be characterized by fidelity to the truth.”
The staff in South Bend and all across the country have signed onto these “Rules of the Road.” Will you commit to these values, too? Add your name: 
I’m proud of Pete, of our staff, and of the community we’re building. Thanks so much for being a part of it. 
Mike Schmuhl
Campaign Manager 
Pete for America


Pete for America 
PO Box 1226
South Bend, IN 46626
United States

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