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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

At the end of December we have a big reporting deadline. We need this month to be the biggest fundraising month of our campaign to show the media establishment that Delaine is building not just grassroots support, which is obvious, but also the financial support necessary to compete in our great state.

Will you donate today?

In every debate or forum with the other candidates Delaine has been the standout. Whether hosted by the San Francisco Chronicle, the National Union of Healthcare Workers, or just last week when all six candidates appeared before the California School Board Association, Delaine was clearly the person the majority of people in those rooms believed should lead California.


We need a fearless leader who will always put the people before politics. The people who support the status quo are starting to get scared — and they should be. They know Delaine cannot be bought, and they see her building grassroots momentum.


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Katherine Welch

Campaign Chair