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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


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Convention time is near and I’ve been traveling up and down the state sharing our ‘Fowler Fights For You’ Back to Basics Campaign. I would be thrilled to serve as your secretary providing 21st century leadership in communications and civic engagement, reconnecting our communities to their democracy.

Our mission as a party is to elect Democrats and advance our progressive agenda igniting change from the bottom up. As your next CDP Secretary, I feel extremely prepared to help achieve that mission by bringing all of the institutional knowledge, leadership experience, and energy I have to our party.

I am asking for your vote because this campaign is more than building a Statewide Party organization – more than just gathering votes. Our effort together is about connecting Californians with their democracy. It’s about energizing people, allies and activists like you at every level to come together and fight for the common good and a government that’s clean, honest, and solves real problems.

I would like to thank the following county parties, democratic clubs, elected officials, party & labor leaders for their endorsements (partial list):

International Machinists & Aerospace Workers – IAM Local1932
Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Riverside County Democratic Party
Yolo County Democratic Party
New Frontier Democratic Club
Northeast Democratic Club
Westchester-Playa Democratic Club
West Hollywood Beverly Hills Democratic Club
Los Angeles African American Women PAC
Executive Officers of Stonewall Democratic Club

U.S. Congress
Maxine Waters, U.S. Rep 43rd Congressional District
Karen Bass, U.S. Rep 37th Congressional District
Judy Chu, U.S. Rep  27th Congressional District
Brad Sherman, U.S. Rep 30th Congressional District
Mike Thompson, U.S. Rep 5th Congressional District

California Constitutional Officers
Betty T. Yee, CA State Controller
Fiona Ma, Chair, Board of Equalization District 2
Jerome E. Horton, Board of Equalization District 4

State Legislature
Kevin Deleon, Senate President Pro Tempore, SD 24
Steven C. Bradford, Senator 35th S.D.
Holly J. Mitchell, Senator 30th S.D.
Ricardo Lara, Senator 33rd S.D.
Ed Hernandez, Senator 22nd S.D.
Connie Leyva, Senator 20th S.D.
Autumn Burke, Assembly 47th A.D.
Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Assembly 59th A.D.
Chris Holden, Assembly 41st A.D.
Miguel Santiago, Assembly  53rd A.D.
Matt Dababneh, Assembly  45th A.D.
Jimmy Gomez, Assembly  51st A.D.
Sebastian Ridley-Thomas 54th A.D.

DNC Members
Aleita Hueguin, Western Region Director
Steven K. Alari
Shawn Bagley (Former)
Becca Doten
Jess Durfee
Mary Ellen Early
Alice Huffman, California President NAACP
Andrew Lachman
Otto Lee
Kerman Maddox
Bob Mulholland
Christine Pelosi, Chair, Women’s Caucus
Melehat Rafei
Susie Shannon
​Keith Kaz Umemoto
Roz Wyman
Laurence Zackson

CDP Leadership
Eric Bauman, CDP Vice-Chair, L.A. County Chair
Daraka Larimore-Hall, CDP Secretary
Hilary Crosby, CDP Controller
Becky Curry, Chair, Lake County
​Michael Evans, Chair, Fresno County
Lori Gallian, Chair, Sonoma County
Stephen Gale, Chair, Sonoma County (Former)
Lori Godsey Anzini, Chair, El Dorado County
John Griffin, Chair, Ventura County
Cecily Harris, Chair, San Mateo County
Jessica Hayes, Chair, San Diego County
Brigette Hunley, Chair, Solano County
Francine Busby, Chair, San Diego County (Former)
Howard Katz, Chair, Riverside County
Bill James, Chair, Santa Clara County
Daraka Larimore-Hall, Chair, Santa Barbara County
Chris Robles, Chair, San Bernadino County
Terry Schanz, Chair, Sacramento County
Christine Pelosi, Chair, Women’s Caucus
Tim Paulson, Chair, Labor Caucus
R.L. Miller, Chair, Environmental Caucus
Judy Jacobs, Chair, Children’s Caucus
Clark Lee, Chair, Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
Olivia Lee, Vice-Chair, Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
Thomas O’Shaughnessy, Chair, Irish American Caucus
Norma Alcala, Vice-Chair, Chicano Latino Caucus
Darren Parker, Chair, African American Caucus
Agi Kessler, Senior Caucus Chair
Mike Thaller, Progressive Caucus Chair
Ray Bishop, Business Caucus Chair
Brigette Hunley, Chair, Computer Caucus
Evan Minton, LGBT Caucus Northern Co-Chair
Denise Penn, LGBT Caucus Southern Co-Chair
Shawn Teris, Chair, Veteran’s Caucus
Ces Rosales, Northern Vice-Chair Women’s Caucus
Lynn Shaw, Chair, Women’s Caucus, Former
Marilyn Grunwald, Chair, Disability Caucus, Former
Ruthee Goldkorn, Chair, Disability Caucus, Former
Anita Narayana, Secretary, O.C. Democratic Party
Debra Broner, Regional Director
Sergio Carillo, Regional Director
Martha Gamez, Regional Director
Florice Hoffman, Regional Director
Royce Kelley, Regional Director
Jeannie Kleaver, Regional Director
Clark Lee, Regional Director
Diana Love, Regional Director
Miguel Martinez, Regional Director
Craig Roberts, Regional Director
​Susie Shannon, Regional Director
Patty Sculpizio, Regional Director
Karen M. Wingard, Regional Director

Labor Leaders
Alex Caputo-Pearl, UTLA President*
Cecily Myart-Cruz, UTLA/NEA Affiliate President*
Jerilyn Stapleton, President, California NOW
Mimi Kennedy, PDA Board Member
Ray Cordova, South Orange County Labor Chair
Linda Perez, CSEA President, Retired
Alice Goff, President AFSCME District 36, Retired
Willie L. Pelote, Sr., President, AFSCME California, Retired

*Asterisk indicates individual endorsement not organization

All my best in unity,

“Fowler Fights For You”
Candidate, CDP Secretary


For Exciting Campaign Updates Text ‘ITSABOUTWE’ to 48421