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July 31, 2017

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Make it Fair, a plan to close corporate and billionaire loopholes in Proposition 13 while protecting homeowners, generates widespread support


LOS ANGELES, CA — Demonstrating the grassroots momentum behind the campaign to reform Proposition 13, today, the Make it Fair Coalition announced that 85,575 people have signed up through online petitions and at the doors as supporters of the movement to close Proposition 13’s commercial property tax loophole.

Each year, MediCal, K-12 schools and vital local services are deprived of over $11 billion in necessary funding due to the commercial property tax loophole in Proposition 13, over 90% of which remains in the pockets of the millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations that hold commercial properties worth over $1 million. The Make it Fair amendment would work to fix this rigged system and bring fairness to our tax policy while strengthening protections for homeowners and residential renters.

The petition, directed toward the state legislature, says the following:

“I am asking you to support the Make It Fair proposal to reform Proposition 13. It would make California’s biggest corporations pay taxes on the actual value of their property, raising $9 billion for the state and local governments.

“The time has come to close the loopholes and take back the tax giveaways to help our local communities respond to the federal cuts and level the playing field so all commercial properties are assessed based on their actual value. The big corporations, millionaires and billionaires being asked to pay their share can afford it, and even after this measure takes effect California’s commercial property taxes will still be among the lowest in the nation.

“As a Californian who cares about my community and the prosperity of our state, I believe we must fix the commercial property tax system to ensure a level playing field and make big corporations and wealthy real estate investors pay their fair share. I ask that you please do everything in your power to support the Make It Fair Campaign.”

Announcing the results of the petition, Veronica Carrizales, Policy and Campaign Development Director of the California Calls Coalition, noted:

“Since the election of Donald Trump, and the very real threat that he could cut trillions of dollars in corporate taxes and cut trillions of dollars in vital services, we have found there is a renewed interest amongst all voter segments for closing the unintended corporate loopholes created by Prop 13. California’s ability to avoid cuts to MediCal, Obamacare (Affordable Healthcare Act), K-12 schools and other vital local services is dependent on our ability to close these loopholes. This is only the beginning, of what we believe will be an uprising against a rigged system.”

The petition urges lawmakers to:

  • Assess commercial and industrial property at fair market value and close commercial property tax loopholes,
  • Invest the resulting funds ($9 billion a year) in education and neighborhood services we all need and deserve including health access, housing, equity and quality of life;
  • Protect homeowners and renters from any changes,
  • Provide tax relief for small businesses, and
  • Include accountability provisions so new funds are spent appropriately.

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