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Amy for America
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Just about everywhere Amy goes these days, she doesn’t just fill the room — there are people out the door, excited to hear what she has to say. 

People want a president who is a proven progressive with a record of getting things done. They want a president who tells the truth and obeys the law. And they want a leader who has what it takes to make sure we’re a nation governed from opportunity, not chaos. 

That’s Amy. Poll after poll and state after state, we’re seeing forward momentum. 

That’s why Friday’s end-of-month deadline matters so much. Grassroots gifts are what keep this campaign going because we aren’t taking money from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists. 

Right now we’re not on track to hit our $100,000 end-of-month goal — and that means we might not be able to do everything we can to get Amy’s message out there. 

Will you donate $5 now to keep the campaign going strong?


Team Amy


Amy’s running a homegrown campaign. She isn’t taking any contributions from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists so we’re relying on you. 

Donate today to join our grassroots movement.