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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

From the Desk of Maria Patterson

Vice-Chair, San Joaquin County Democratic Party*

Chair, SEIU 1000 Lavender Committee*


It’s easier to be a Democrat in Oakland or North Hollywood. It’s a lot harder to be a Democrat in Ripon or French Camp – or any of the other rural communities that make up San Joaquin County. I’m the Vice-Chair of the San Joaquin County Democratic Party, and I work with some of the toughest, most persistent grassroots Democrats you’ll ever meet.
Every election here is hard-fought, and do you know who has been in the trenches fighting alongside us for years? Eric Bauman. His years-deep commitment to red and purple California is one of the primary reasons why I’m supporting him for Chair of the California Democratic Party.

But there’s another reason why I ask you to support Eric Bauman. I’m Chair of the Lavender Committee of SEIU Local 1000. I try to make a safe and empowering space for the LGBTQI members of our Local. The California Democratic Party has never had an openly gay Chair before, and when my community discovers that Eric’s election could change that, they get fired up and engaged like never before.

I imagine how a young LGBTQI kid living in a small, rural community – a kid who might feel very alone – will feel when they read that California Democrats have elected their first openly gay Chair, who has been married to his husband for more than 30 years, and who, like them, is personally under attack by Trump and his hate-filled administration. They will know that we have one of our own fighting for us.

This race has gotten a lot of attention in the community. Here are a couple of recent articles worth reading through:

The Desert Sun: May election: Will a gay man lead California Democrats?
The Bay Area Reporter: EQCA endorses gay man to be CA Dem Party Chair

Eric is the leader we need to be the next California Democratic Party Chair. I hope you join me, my SEIU 1000 President Yvonne Walker*, and hundreds of delegates in joining #TeamBauman.

In Solidarity,

Maria Patterson
Vice-Chair, San Joaquin County Democratic Party*
Chair, SEIU 1000 Lavender Committee*

*Titles included for identification purposes only.