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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Longevity in politics teaches us many things, such as yesterday’s campaign foe might be tomorrow’s ally. To move the policies and ideas we care about forward, we must be willing to give people a shot. Luckily for our campaign, Our Revolution and its local California clubs did just that.

Right after Trump’s election in 2016, I found myself in the company of many newly energized Democrats ready to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the Party.

Many of them ran in ADEMs, with the help of a new organization – Our Revolution – which sprung up from Sen. Sanders 2016 presidential run.

In 2017, our campaign earned the endorsement of Our Revolution – yes, me a strong Hillary Clinton supporter was backed by the organization that grew from Sen. Sanders’ campaign. 

As a new political organization, OR set a precedent by supporting our campaign, knowing full well that many of their supporters might be reticent to embrace a former Hillary voter. They took a leap of faith based on what they had learned about my platform and the issues I championed. For my part, I opened my heart to truly hear the shared experiences of many “Berners” and acknowledged my own responsibility as a leader to step up and help us get past the labels that divide us on our shared issues.

Two years later nearly to the day, Team KE earned the endorsement again of Our Revolution — this time with OR knowing full well that I will remain neutral in the presidential primary as Chair and will support our Party’s eventual nominee.

If we (as a Party) are going to move together in solidarity, we need to start to bridge the old divides by acknowledging our consensus on the issues we must fight for together and thereby create new pathways forward so we can be stronger after hotly contested primaries.

I’d like to thank the more than a dozen California Our Revolution affiliated clubs who nominated us for the national endorsement (special shoutout to the FUN Progressives for being the first!).

There’s certainly going to be tough days ahead for us as a Party – both nationally and here in California – but if we can be willing to give each other a shot, hopefully we’ll always be able to bridge that divide.

Democratically yours,

Kimberly Ellis


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