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American Possibilities

Forget politics for a second — because this is about something deeper and far more consequential than partisanship.

Today, we have an American president who tweets about NFL ratings while 3.4 million American citizens face a desperate search for food and water in Puerto Rico.

We have an American president who has publicly proclaimed a moral equivalency between Neo-Nazis and those who would oppose their venom and hate. Who has emboldened white supremacists with messages of comfort and support.

A president who cares more about dismantling his predecessors’ achievements than ensuring tens of millions of Americans know the security of health insurance — one who threatens our global standing on a weekly basis with his careless actions and his words.

Every week, it’s something new. And I know it’s tempting to throw your hands up — to give up, shut down, or tune out for the next three years. But we cannot grow weary. We cannot grow discouraged. And we cannot give an inch.

Folks, it’s up to us now to do what our president has not: Uphold America’s values. Defend our constitution. Say, full-throated and together, “This is not who we are.”

There is no question that we must stand up and speak out against every symbol of hate — be it a flag, a swastika, or a statue. We must declare that there is no place for these hate groups in our America.

But tearing down symbols of hate is not enough.

We have to build, too. And that starts with electing leaders and representatives who will actually lead and represent us.

I’m fighting like hell for as long as I can stand to make sure this country once again lives up to its highest ideals. Join me today.

My mother had an expression. “Courage is a virtue,” she’d say — because every other virtue depends on it.

Those with the courage to oppose hate still far outnumber those who promote it. That’s the America I know. That’s the greatness of this nation.

Our children are watching. We can make them proud of what we did with this moment.

And I believe we will.


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