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Xavier is doing incredible work as our Attorney General, which is why newspapers all across California have endorsed him for a four-year term.


They’ve also explained why our opponent is unfit for the job. As the Bakersfield Californian put it, our opponent is “mired in an ethics investigation” for “campaigning for the attorney general’s post while still serving as a judge,” and allegedly accepting gifts in violation of judicial rules.

We need a champion who will fight for all Californians, not a man who will abuse his office for personal gain. Pitch in $5 today to keep Xavier on the job.

It’s not just the ethics problems either — as the LA Times wrote, our opponent would roll back Xavier’s work on so many issues we care about most:

He is challenging Becerra on a platform that includes reversing California’s recent law to eliminate money bail, reversing a voter initiative to make drug possession and small property crimes misdemeanors instead of felonies, reversing or modifying laws that reduce prison crowding, and standing down in the state’s defense against the Trump administration.

Let that last one sink in. Xavier has filed 44 lawsuits against the Trump administration, winning nearly two dozen victories so far to defend our communities. We simply can’t afford to lose his leadership in holding this administration accountable.

Contribute $5 to elect Xavier in November so he can keep taking on President Trump.


Thank you,


Team Becerra