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We just sued the President for the 50th time. 


This latest lawsuit is for people like Rachelle, who at 66 years old, earns $11.18 an hour delivering care to a woman with schizophrenia and a learning disability. 


Rachelle pays $1 a month to have a union-sponsored healthcare plan. While she works 60 hours a week bathing, feeding and delivering care to her patient, a new rule from the Trump administration threatens to take Rachelle’s own healthcare away. 



President Trump’s new rule blocks California’s 500,000 home healthcare workers, including Rachelle, from making voluntary union and healthcare deductions from their paychecks. 


The rule will disrupt unions and the care their workers provide in monumental ways, resulting in a potential loss of healthcare for workers –– and compromised care for their patients. 


None of us ever want to see the day when there’s not someone who can take care of our elderly parents or loved ones with disabilities. By targeting the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of home-care workers, the President’s new rule could result in just that. 


We won’t let that happen. For Rachelle, patients, and workers everywhere, today we proudly filed our 50th lawsuit against the administration to stand up for access to healthcare.


And we’ll continue to stand for what is right. 






Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

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