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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently investigating the proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile to make sure that the companies keep their promises of benefits for California and push the merged entities to make further commitments so that this merger does NOT result in an overall loss of jobs, poor service quality and higher prices.

T-Mobile USA and Sprint are two of only four nationwide facilities based wireless companies in the United States and two of the three companies with strong prepaid service offerings (Cricket, Boost/Assurance, Metro). If this merger is successful, there will be one less large competitor offering prepaid and no-contract services in California, thus risking price increases and weaker service offerings.

We at CVUI are urging people to attend the hearing and tell the CPUC to make T-Mobile stand by its promises to:

  • Bring 5G deployment to California earlier, with more bandwidth, faster speeds, unique features to most of California, including rural areas, all by 2024
  • Bring improved coverage and better service quality to rural parts of the state
  • Bring overall lower prices for voice and broadband services
  • Compete with cable and current incumbent phone carriers with in-home broadband access to half the country by 2014, including to millions of rural Californians
  • Open 5 new call centers and 600 new stores nationwide, bringing more jobs to California
  • Invest in a more reliable network so that customers can better rely on their wireless services during a natural disaster or other emergency.
  • Continue to be the price leader in low income communities with low cost robust plans and strong participation in the LifeLine program and Expand outreach and sales to rural and low-income areas of the state, limited English speaking populations with in-language ads and customer service.

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