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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Tea Party Tom just voted to raise your taxes.


Rep. McClintock had a second chance to stand with California’s 4th district. But, once again, he squandered the opportunity to demonstrate any courage or conviction for California’s families.

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“I always believed it would be good for the economy. Now I’m able to look all of my constituents in the eye and say it’s going to be good for your families too.” — Rep. Tom McClintock

Here’s what Rep. McClintock neglected to mention when he voted to raise your taxes:

  • He is the only California legislator who was cowardly enough to flip his vote and cave to Trump’s pro-corporation agenda.
  • This bill is projected to add over $1 TRILLION to the deficit.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 California families — 6 million in all — claim tax deductions that would be eliminated.

Instead of fighting for Californian communities, McClintock conspired with other Trump lackies to raise your taxes. This is a direct attack on Californian families and small businesses.

If you’re disgusted with McClintock’s lack of courage and commitment to California’s 4th district, instantly add your name here >>

It’s hard to sugarcoat just how disastrous this bill is for all of California. Tom McClintock has abdicated any kind of leadership. We need him out now. Add your name instantly if you agree.



Regina Bateson is running for Congress in California’s highly competitive 4th District, which is now being targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). She’s a PhD, a mother of three, and a former consular officer. When her website first launched, it went viral in the district. Thanks to this groundswell of local activism, the 4th District offers a great pickup opportunity for the Democrats in 2018. Join the movement! Please consider making a contribution to Regina today. Contribute.