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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Face to face, person to person.
Warren for President

I used to be a school-teacher, and I loved watching faces. It felt like a victory every time I saw the click! when a student understood a really hard idea.

And that means I’m still a face-watcher.

When I’m out on the road at our events across the country, I look out into the crowds and watch people’s faces to see if what we’re talking about is hitting home.

I see them nod when I tell a story — because it’s their story, too.

I see how they react when we talk about our plans for big, structural change. Like the Ultra-Millionaire Tax, and how it would fully pay for Universal Child Care (and then some).

I watch as it clicks for people. Their faces light up as they realize that we could actually do this. We have a plan. This could work.

People come up to me afterwards for a hug and to tell me that they’re hopeful.

They’re in this fight because they believe we can make change. They know we’re in a tough place as a country. Sometimes they have tears in their eyes — about health care, or the environment, or student loans, or anything else they’re worried about. But they know there’s a roadmap to get somewhere better.

They’re right. To me, this is what hope is all about: We see what’s wrong, we figure out how to fix it, and we make it happen. We dream big and fight hard.

Side by side, shoulder to shoulder, we won’t just build a movement and deliver a win in 2020. We’ll deliver real change.

We’re going to do this. You and me. I’ll keep fighting, but I can’t do it alone. Pitch in $3 or whatever you can and let’s make it happen.

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This is a grassroots-powered campaign, through and through. No glitzy fundraisers where you can only get in if you write a giant check. No federal lobbyists buying favors. No Super PACs, no corporate PACs — heck, no PACs of any kind.

Since I’m not running around trying to scoop up buckets of cash from big-money fundraising events, I can spend more time talking with people at events across the country. I can go to places that are getting left behind in this economy — where there might not be a ton of super-rich donors.

Face to face, person to person, we talk about real problems and real solutions for how we’ll build a grassroots movement to make Washington work for everyone, not just a thin slice at the top.

And I get to make the most fun thank you calls in the world. Instead of only calling people who can raise a bazillion dollars, I talk with school-teachers, power plant operators, servers — people who’ve counted their pennies and pitched in any amount to our campaign.

This is the right way to run a campaign: Grassroots up, with no special access for the wealthy. But it’s also an experiment, and it makes grassroots donations from emails like this one even more powerfully important.

Please make your first donation to keep building our grassroots movement and know that this is possible because of you.

I hope to see your face at an event soon.

Thanks for being a part of this,


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