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Right now in court, the Trump Administration’s refusing to defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which 20 million Americans rely on for their healthcare, including five million people in California.

The ACA isn’t just the law of the land — it’s life-saving.

In California, we’re leading a coalition to defend it in court as Texas and 18 other states keeps trying to tear it apart.

My Republican opponent is staying silent. To media, he has declined to comment about this dangerous attempt by Republicans to axe affordable care.

I need your help.

We need to raise alarms about the stakes for our families — not just in California but nationally. Please chip in whatever you can today.

If we lose the ACA in America, the roughly 133 million people with preexisting conditions today wouldn’t be able to access affordable care. Seniors would lose discounts on prescription drugs. Medicaid expansion would stop.

In California alone, $160 billion in healthcare funding would vanish.

Will you stand with me to save affordable healthcare?

Please chip in $3, $5, $7 or whatever you can today.


Thank You,