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Nunes Iowa Family Farm Exposed

Fresno, CA (October 1st, 2018) – Devin Nunes and his relatives secretly moved their family farm from California to Iowa a decade ago and they now likely employ undocumented workers. Extensive reporting from Esquire magazine details that the farm Devin Nunes touts constantly was actually sold in 2006. The reporting exposes the  hypocrisy of the Nunes owned dairy farm that is working hard to protect their brother’s reelection chances and most likely profiting off of undocumented labor. Andrew Janz released the following statement in reaction to that story:


“It is disgusting that Devin Nunes has been lying for years about his family farm, pretending he is one of us. Devin has shown once again that he’s left the Valley and the values we hold dear behind just to make a profit. His family moving their farm to Iowa and lying to Californians to protect Devin’s political career is just the latest and most heinous example. We deserve better.”


Read the full account from Ryan Lizza here,


Andrew Janz was raised in Visalia and is running for Congress against Devin Nunes in California’s 22nd Congressional District. Andrew’s campaigning on water for the valley, more jobs, social security and medicaid, and fighting corruption in Washington. Andrew Janz is 34 years old and resides in Fresno with his wife Heather and their two dogs