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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


For just a moment, I want you to think back to how you felt three years ago tonight — when Donald Trump was declared the next president of the United States.

If you’re like me, you never want to experience anything like that shock again. Each of us must devote ourselves right now to do what it takes to win in 2020.

Since Trump got elected, he’s divided our nation with hate and fear all while undermining working and middle-class people along the way — refusing to condemn white supremacists in Charlottesville, attempting to ban Muslims from entering our country, implementing tax cuts for the ultra-rich, trying to take away health care protections from millions, putting kids in cages at our border, backing out of the landmark Paris climate agreement. The list goes on.

We can’t allow him to win a second term. We need a leader that will not only stand up against hate but work to heal our country with courageous empathy and an unapologetically bold vision for our future.

That’s why I’m running for president.

I believe that we won’t beat Donald Trump by sinking to his level. You can’t beat hate with more hate.

We beat Donald Trump by bringing people together and recognizing that we all share a common pain, and the only way to heal that pain is by working together to solve our country’s biggest problems.

This election cycle is a defining moment for our country. Are we going to find common cause or are we going to be divided even further?

We can’t afford to get this wrong. If you’re with me, make a donation to my campaign right now. Let’s beat Trump, and let’s do it by rising up together.



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It’s time for leadership that can reignite our spirit of common purpose. That takes all of us.