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I wanted to pass along this note from my team.


I need to be frank here: Our pathway to victory depends on having the resources we need, and we’re depending on your grassroots support to get there. I wouldn’t be doing my best to win this race if I wasn’t doing everything possible to hit this fundraising goal.



Thank you, 




—— begin forwarded message ——

From: Katherine Swarthout

Subject: Not exactly the news we wanted to share: 


I hate being the bearer of bad news, Friends, but I have to be upfront.


Earlier today, we had a budget meeting and I had to tell TJ and the team that (despite your incredible support) we’re still lagging behind the right-wing spending in this district, and risk a budget shortfall if we don’t step up.


Here’s the deal, friend: Team TJ is laying it all out there in these final weeks. And I’m doing everything I can to secure the resources we need to flip this seat. So I’m setting a weekend target of $30,000 in grassroots contributions to help us avoid this (potentially devastating) budget shortfall.




You know how important this race is, folks — both for the future of the Central Valley and for our chances at retaking the House.


But with all the special interest dollars and super PAC cash flooding in to protect Valadao, we have to do everything we can to match their spending — dollar-for-dollar.



Thanks for your support, 


Katherine Swarthout

Finance Director





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