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Yesterday, at the first meeting of his voter suppression commission, Trump asked of the states that aren’t providing him personal voter information, what we’re worried about.

I’ll tell you plain and simple: we’re worried about our privacy, voting rights, and cybersecurity.

We’re worried that the real goal of this commission is to roll back voting rights and disenfranchise eligible voters.

And for good reason. The leading members of the commission have long, documented track records of voter suppression. Take Secretary Kobach, for example. If what he’s tried to do in Kansas is any indication of what the commission will recommend, it’s bad news for voting rights and bad news for our democracy. It’s increasingly clear that Trump, Pence, Kobach, and this commission’s true mission is to undo voting rights.

We can’t let them roll back the clock on voting rights. Contribute now to continue our battle to defend our right to vote. And send a message to Trump, Pence, Kobach, and this commission that we’re watching and we won’t let them take away our rights.

The US Constitution is clear: American citizens have a right to vote. There should be unfettered access to becoming a registered voter and to the ballot box.

Yet Trump’s commission, and many states like Kansas, have gone in the opposite direction of the Voting Rights Act. They repeat lies about voter fraud to justify policies that make it harder for eligible citizens to register and vote.

But let’s not lose hope. While some states are working to roll back voting rights, there are other states that are advancing policies that maintain the integrity of our elections and make it easier for people to register and vote.

I’m proud to say that California is one of those states. We are working to make it easier for people who are eligible, to register to vote and to cast a ballot. We are implementing automatic voter registration and same day voter registration. And starting in 2018, voters in some counties will enjoy more options of when, where, and how to vote. Imagine that, more vote by mail, more in person early voting, and the flexibility of voting anywhere in your county. When more eligible Americans vote, our democracy is stronger.

As Secretary of State, I’m fighting hard against the Trump administration’s efforts to suppress the vote. Join me and resist his efforts. Contribute today, so we can work to make voting easier — not harder — for those eligible to vote.

Our democracy and our American values say that we all deserve a chance to express our political voice through our vote — it doesn’t get more basic than that. Democracy works best when everyone who is eligible participates. Together, I know we will defend and strengthen our voting rights.

Thank you,
Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State