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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

We’re not running for office just to win and sit back. This is about running for office to win and implement change.
Warren for President

On Friday and Sunday, we tried something new.

In East Harlem and East Dallas, we had our first pop-up events where Elizabeth got to meet grassroots donors and thank them — in person — for being in this fight.

Unlike a typical campaign fundraiser with only the wealthiest donors who can write the biggest checks, we invited anyone nearby who’d chipped in any amount — $3, $13, $30, or more.

These events were incredibly energizing and a ton of fun — so we’re doing more of them across the country.

You could meet Elizabeth, too, and she could get a chance to thank you. Chip in any amount right now, and then keep an eye on your emails and texts for information about an event near you. She also might give you a call to say thanks.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will be automatically processed:

At Friday’s event at a bakery in an indoor market in East Harlem, one of the attendees explained why he’d donated: “When I see a campaign that really aligns with my values, I don’t see how I can’t chip in.”

Another said, “I only donated $3 — that’s all it takes — and I’m here, and I’m so excited!”

Elizabeth talked about how we’re building a movement to make big, structural change. “The way we’re gonna run this primary is gonna be grassroots up. We’re gonna do it with events like this, with people who volunteer. We’re not running for office just to win and sit back. This is about running for office to win and implement change. It’s all of us.”

At a restaurant in East Dallas on Sunday, Elizabeth met people like Joy, who’s excited about Medicare for All and Universal Child Care. And a former teacher (just like Elizabeth!) who brought her family “because we support Elizabeth Warren for president.”

“It’s great to see a candidate up close,” said another supporter.

Events like these are how we’ll keep building our grassroots movement — and how we’ll work on solving a big problem in this country: Big money has too much influence on our political leaders.

When candidates fill their schedules with fancy receptions just for wealthy donors, it sends a message that super-rich people have more of a right to spend time with our leaders than anyone else.

But the amount of money you can give shouldn’t determine the access you get.That’s why Elizabeth isn’t holding any big money fundraisers only with people who can write the big checks.

It gives her more time to meet with grassroots donors like she did in East Harlem and East Dallas.

And it means more opportunities to bring people together — creating community, letting people meet their neighbors who are also part of our movement, and reminding us that we’re in this together.

But it also means that we rely on emails like this one to raise money, instead of having Elizabeth spend time hobnobbing with wealthy donors.

Any amount gives you an equal place in our movement, and every new donation is another sign that our grassroots movement is growing stronger every day.

Thanks for being in this fight,

Team Warren


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